High Profitable Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

Beston UFO inflatable bumper cars for sale

Beston UFO inflatable bumper cars for sale

UFO inflatable bumper car is a new design battery bumper car for amusement parks, Beston inflatable bumper cars powered by a powerful current of the battery. Ultra-high-power dual-motor drive, dual joystick control, the freedom and flexibility of forward and back, you can also place a 360-degree fast rotation, you can remote control the remote control switch. Let us check out more details about Beston inflatable bumper cars for sale.

Specification of Beston inflatable dodgems for sale

Beston kids UFO Bumper car

Beston kids UFO Bumper car

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Why Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars So Popular Now

 As we know, Traditional bumper cars are always protected by rubber bumper. Infaflatable bumper car for sael as a new type bump car, It’s Wear-resistant shell is made by high-gloss plastic material. And our inflatable bumper cars have reversing, music and other functions system.  And the chassis is standard square steel steel structure, The maximum loading is 120KG, the cover is made by PVC thick oxford light cloth, with wear, bright, beautiful, easy to clean, do not fade, and other characteristics.

Steering mitigation device is also a feature of Beston inflatable bumper cars,It makes our cars steering easier. Some bumper cars manufacturers don’t use this device, it’s very dangerouse. When their bumper cars traveling straight, it seems well, But But when their cars are steering, They are easier to tilt even overturned because of  the steering angle is too large.

The Key Benefits Of Inflatable Bumper Cars

Smart business owners know that bumper cars can be the best way to draw in more business. These cars are ideal for contributing to restaurants, amusement parks, family recreation centers, malls, and shopping centers. Unfortunately, traditional bumper cars can be quite costly to install. Inflatable bumper cars certainly are a fairly new addition to the bumper car market which can help to get over a number of the obstacles of installing traditional bumper cars. Here are just some of the huge benefits that these cars provide.

1. No requirement for a floor grid. One of several largest expenses related to installing bumper cars is the fact that they often require an electrified floor grid to function. These grids can be hugely costly to install and can be hard to keep. Inflatable bumper cars eliminate this concern by eliminating the surface grid altogether. As an alternative to running with an electrified floor they may be battery-operated. Because of this they can work on any kind of floor including wood or concrete to asphalt.

2. The big bumper ensures they are more at ease to work with. Older types of bumper cars are in the middle of a little bumper. Even if this provides some shock absorption, there still is a fairly significant jolt towards the driver after they run into another car. Inflatable cars, however, are flanked by a big, inflatable bumper. This bumper helps absorb a great deal of the shock of your initial impact. This assists have the ride less jarring for the driver.

3. Economical to acquire. With this type of bumper car, you can purchase the cars one-by-one as an alternative to having to purchase a full system all concurrently. That means that you can start off with just a few cars and increase the amount of as your budget permits. As a result them a cost-effective option for anyone who is working with limited funds.

4. Attractive and eye-catching. Inflatable bumper cars come in a variety of different colors, nearly all of which are made to catch the eye of anyone who is walking by. Bright shades of red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple can attract children and adults alike to experience the ride. As they are so eye-catching on their own, there exists very little have to advertise the ride. It practically sells itself.

5. Low maintenance costs. These bumper cars have rechargeable batteries, which means that you don’t need to regularly replace the battery. Instead, you can just recharge it between uses. This may cause these cars extremely economical to maintain, which is ideal if you don’t have a large budget to work alongside or lots of time to buy maintenance.

As you have seen, there are actually quite a few different benefits of using inflatable bumper cars as an alternative to traditional bumper cars. They can be an outstanding low-cost selection for adding family entertainment to your venue. Anyone who rides them will make sure to leave having a smile. This is correct for adults and children alike.

How To Purchase Inflatable Bumper Cars From Beston

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