Cute Kids Bumper Cars For Sale At Low Price

Beston kids bumper cars for sale

Beston kids bumper cars for sale

As a famous bumper car manufacturer, Beston has specially designed types of cute bumper cars for kids. Beston bumper cars for kids are designed as animal, cartoon or other new cute popular elements theme, Beautiful appearance and colorful LED lights, They will attract children easily. Because of low requirement for speed, Beston kiddie bumper cars are usually battery powered, So they will cost less. Lst us check out more details of Beston kids bumper cars for sale now.

Featured Models Of Beston Kids Bumper Cars For Sale

Beston naughty monkey kids bumper car

Beston naughty monkey kids bumper car

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Beston kids UFO Bumper car

Beston kids UFO Bumper car

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Brief description

Mini bumper car for kids is operated by one battery. There are 2 handles to control the running direction. With safety belts it’s very safe and interesting.  It can be installed in outdoor such as plaza, park and so on, and also indoor such as shopping center or school etc.

Features Of Our Bumper Cars For Kids

  • Lovely shape,professional designed , easy to be  operated.
  • Acessories, MP3 with SDcard,LED light,timer, remote control.
  • Under non-human damage, we offer one year warranty after-sales service

Why Do You Need Kids Bumper Cars?

Additionally, for your amusement park owner, the kids bumper car ride represents an inexpensive and attractive ride for virtually any kind of park or event so there’s no denying that it can be a sound investment if you’re about to improve the overall profitability of your park.

One more great benefit is the fact that rides can be enjoyed through the entire family. Even when you’re visiting an amusement park with people who have different thresholds with regards to the rides they are willing to experience, a humble bumper car ride is something that everyone is likely to enjoy and remember as being a highlight throughout the day.

Interestingly, many of the most popular bumper car rides for kids nowadays are derived from that old dodgems that had been initially created within the 1920s, and since this period they may have only grown in popularity. Whilst the initial tracks were often quite small, currently it’s entirely possible to acquire a bumper car ride that accompanies our tabs on that measures more than a hundred feet which supplies you plenty of room to possess multiple cars.

Obviously, the size of your track can be something you should consider if you’re intending to hire or purchase one of these brilliant rides for your theme park or event. In most cases, buying a bigger track means you might have more cars, and a lot more cars mean more enjoyable!


One of the many features of the bumper cars is the fact kids of any age can ride about them. They may be even okay for young children, as long as the ride is targeted at them. You will discover ones for toddlers or kindergartners, so it will be easy to make sure that your kids may have fun.

Older kids and also teenagers can ride on these rides too. You simply need to make certain you look for ones that have been directed at certain age ranges. By doing this, you will not have younger kids and teenagers about the same ride simultaneously, which could turn out to be unsafe.

You possibly will not realize that you have battery-powered bumper cars available which you can use almost anywhere. Traditionally, when folks think about these rides they often times think of the models who have poles extending up to the ceiling. This creates a circuit involving the ceiling and also the floor that provides power for your individual cars.

Due to the way in which they are powered, they are able to basically be used on the track using the poles. However, battery-powered models are self-propelled, therefore they do not need to get limited in where they may be used. They can run on virtually any flat surface, causing them to be a lot more flexible.

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